Central West Classic 2017

2017 Central West Classic – Aero Tow Hang Gliding Competition

Sunday 19th to Saturday 25th November 2016 and Practice Day is the Saturday 18th November

The Central West Classic is a Trike Aero Tow Category 2, AA rated competition held at Gulgong (near Mudgee). This region offers big air thermals and is ideal for getting in some big flights early in the season. As it is early season, the thermals should be a bit softer round the edge while still pumping in the middle. Last year, tasks averaged around 100km with 1000ups achieved (and it was a wet season). Registration will be limited to 30 Pilots. This is a Trike Aero Towing Comp with the best Trike Tow Pilots in Eastern Australia. Scorer is Billo.

Entry fee $225 plus $400 cash for tows to be paid on arrival at the Gulgong Aero Park.

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Comp Downloads

Waypoints will be available for download here at a later date

The latest version of GPSDump (Version 5) can be found at the link below. It can open both KML and GPX format as well as WPT format

Getting There

operates from its own airfield located 10km north of Gulgong township.It can be accessed via Barneys Reef Road and Stubbo Road from the west. Access from the east is not advised if you are not familiar with the area. Best Access is via Stubbo Road:

From the Ten Dollar Town Motel drive north on Medley Street (Barneys Reef Road) for 7km. Turn right into Stubbo Road and continue for another 2km. The airfield is on your left.

Beela Road Access:(east access). From Loneragans Flour Mill drive north on the Ulan Road for 8km. Turn left into Beela Road and continue on for another 4km. The airfield is on your right. Those traveling from Merriwa-Ulan will pass Beela Road before reaching Gulgong. Both Stubbo and Beela roads are gravel roads.

The field is on coordinates 32.18.02S 149.33.42E, Elevation 1500'. It has an all over grass surface and a usable length of 2km (over 6,000') in an east/west direction. There is ample area for aero tow take offs in any direction.

Casual Flyers

Casual Flyers and non flying people are welcome. Even if you can't make it for the whole comp, you can still get involved. We're still working out the details, but when we do, they will be posted here.


Do not land in fields with crops ever! Do not land in fields with live stock wherever possible. There is ample landing area that has no crops or stock, do not upset the landholders.

Check and double check landing areas. Single strand electrical wires abound in this area and are invisible from the air. They may span for extreme distances across paddocks with very few poles. Any buildings, dams and especially pump houses should be treated with extreme suspicion.

All households in this area use UHF CB for communications when out and about on the farm and in town. Your radio chatter WILL be heard (all channels are utilised somewhere) and the whole competition judged accordingly. Please be polite and courteous at all times. Keep transmissions short sharp and to the point with no unnecessary chatter. To legally use the Ham frequencies, you MUST use a callsign for every transmission (which means you MUST have a valid callsign).

Leave all gates as you found them, if the gate was open then do not close it. Leave all areas as you found them. Take litter with you (even other peoples). Treat this country area and its people well and you will no doubt be treated the same.