The Newcastle Hang Gliding Club is now running 3 hang gliding competitions and this website is were you can enter each competition and follow the results.

You may want to add these dates to your calendar;

WOW! We're Full

Due to limited resources we have closed entries to this year's WOW. Use the support form (you must be logged in) to get on the wait list.

HGFA Waiver

It is a condition of entry into any NHGC competition that the entrant must be a member of the HGFA and as such have signed the HGFA waiver.

WOW finished NOW Corryong

WOW has finshed till next year. Are you ready for Corryong? Online entry for NSW State Tiles at Manilla are now on sale.

[WOW! Pilots] WOW Update #3

You were sent a group email from http://wow.asn.au/comps/.

The Pilot Information Pack is now available on the website. Every WOW
entrant must read this document.

You can find it on the "WOW Downloads Page" in the WOW section of
the website. The direct link is below.


[WOW! Pilots] WOW Update #2

You were sent a group email from http://wow.asn.au/comps/.

WOW Pilots,

We have closed entries to the competition because we have 25 pilots and
only 2 tugs. We wanted to be able to have 10 pilots per tug but we were
unable to get a 3rd tug so we had to stop taking entries so as to not
overload our tuggies. Smaller numbers will mean a better competition for
everyone anyway.

The waypoint files have been added to the competition details page, scroll

GPSDump for Android

Stuart McElroy has GPSDump working on his Android phone and is able to download a tracklog from his GPS and upload to the web. Here is his description.

[Site Update] Scoring

You were sent a group email from http://wow.asn.au/comps/.


Starting with WOW the NHGC is trialling, and hopefully moving to, online
scoring. What this means for you is that you will need to learn how to
download your tracklog from your device and upload it to a webpage.

Check the website, wow.asn.au, over the next week as I will be posting some
instructional videos.

I strongly recommend you have a backup GPS. The earlier Garmin 72 and
higher is relatively cheap and pretty much bullet proof. I put mine in a
side pocket of my harness and it works fine.

Mobile Coverage Maps

Mobile phone communications are going to be essential during the comp so make yourself familiar with the coverage maps.


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