The Newcastle Hang Gliding Club is now running 3 hang gliding competitions and this website is were you can enter each competition and follow the results.

You may want to add these dates to your calendar;


This year we will be using the "Airscore" online scoring system. You upload your own tracklog via any internet connection anytime after you land. In order to make this a smooth trouble free process, please make sure you are familiar with downloading your track log from your GPS and that you know how to save it as an IGC file. The IGC file is then uploaded via the internet to AIRSCORE. There will be a link on the comp web page direct to AIRSCORE page for WOW 2015.

HGFA Waiver

It is a condition of entry into any NHGC competition that the entrant must be a member of the HGFA and as such have signed the HGFA waiver.


WOW 2015. Practice day Saturday 2015 at the Wellington Airstrip Bodangora. Registrations and general formalities at the COW & CALF Hotel, Main St Wellington from 6 -7 PM Saturday in the backyard area. Comp start day is SUNDAY 15th November. First briefing will start 9.30 AM Sunday at COMP HQ at the airfield. WAY POINTS we have new way points. Please delete and remove your previous WOW way points. New waypoints are available for download from THURSDAY 12 November.


When: Dec 2015.

Where: Mt Borah Manilla, NSW, Australia.

What is it?:

A comp against yourself. Your chance to better your best. Aim high and go for the FAI Delta Gold award, or a world or national record.

Early to mid December has been the time for record breaking inland flights.
NHGC is hosting the GO FOR GOLD at Mt Borah Manilla over three or four days of epic weather conditions in early December 2016

Wings Over Wellington 2015

WoW 2015 is on!
Wellington airfield at Bodangora - site of the first WOW. Last year showed that this area is fantastic for cross country competition flying. The lay of the land with the surrounding hills, flat lands and other features all make for interesting and varied flying.

Great facilities in Wellington township which is just a few minutes drive from the airfield.


We are pleased to announce the following sponsors have offered the following prizes: Ambleside Bed and Breakfast Manilla: Day prize each day of the comp: One nights accommodation for two. Godfrey Wenness www.flymanilla.com 50% off the new model Flytec Element vario awarded for pilot achievement during the comp IGA Manilla : Day prize of instore vouchers each day Red Cross Blood Service: drink bottles Thank you to our Sponsors:

GPSDump for Android

Stuart McElroy has GPSDump working on his Android phone and is able to download a tracklog from his GPS and upload to the web. Here is his description.

[Site Update] Scoring

You were sent a group email from http://wow.asn.au/comps/.


Starting with WOW the NHGC is trialling, and hopefully moving to, online
scoring. What this means for you is that you will need to learn how to
download your tracklog from your device and upload it to a webpage.

Check the website, wow.asn.au, over the next week as I will be posting some
instructional videos.

I strongly recommend you have a backup GPS. The earlier Garmin 72 and
higher is relatively cheap and pretty much bullet proof. I put mine in a
side pocket of my harness and it works fine.

Mobile Coverage Maps

Mobile phone communications are going to be essential during the comp so make yourself familiar with the coverage maps.

WOW! Pilots and Teams

We are heading towards 20 pilots. That's 5 teams. Get your team details on the WOW pilots page.

Use the support form to let us know the name of your team and who's in it. You can also let us know if you are looking to get into a team or if your team needs more pilots.

There is a trophy for the highest scoring team.

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Pilots and Teams


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